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  • Workers; May The Force Be With You

    Mayday. Or is it May Day? Mayday is of course the distress signal given when a group of people have run into trouble. There are many such people today. Unless you have blinkers across your eyes or you have chosen to bury your head in the sand, like an African ostrich, you would have noticed them by now.

    workforce development san jose ca

    They look so different and yet they are so like you. They have many things in common with you, and one of the most important things is to place a roof over their heads and put enough food on the table tonight.

    For many locals and for many crossing the border today, it is not easy to make a decent living. It is not even easy to find a job. You might think that many of them are not doing things in the right way, or maybe there are those who simply are not trying hard enough.

    But believe this; when you are on the brink of distressing circumstances, what would you do. Of course you would move to and cover all corners, as far and wide, to get yourself out of this tight corner. It is still so amazing to observe what men and women can do for themselves in times of trouble.

    It goes so much better and so much quicker if they have workforce development san jose ca to help them. It would be so much better for them to work with agencies who know better where to look and how to knock. Look in all the right areas to find meaningful work. Knock on doors so that they may open and allow you in for that one important interview that lands you the job you badly need.