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  • Why Do Employers Conduct Credit Checks?

    Did you know that credit checks are being performed by many employers before they hire new employees to add to their team? Sadly for many people, poor credit can prevent them from landing the position they want. While not every employer conducts a credit check for employment, it is becoming more common practice, especially if the position involved working around money. Why do companies care about the credit of their employees? There are many reasons that credit is important to a growing number of companies. credit check for employment Many executives feel that if a person doesn't care enough about their finances and credit to change their score and report, they're certainly not going to care about their job responsibilities the right way. This may or may not be true, but it is certainly an opinion that many different employers share. You want to hire only the best names to add to the team. It is costly to hire and re-train employees and often causes productivity loss. When a background check is performed, it eliminates much of the worry and ensures that you get the best. The added credit check is just another step in protecting a business and its finances. About 13% of all employers are conducting credit checks on new hires, but again, it varies from one industry to the next and is usually industry-specific to companies with a value in the information to their company. Get your credit in order now and you won't have any worries about employment later down the line; it is just that simple. As important as credit is for us all, there are ample advantages of working on credit improvement now and enjoying the benefits later.  You will have fewer hassles in life when there is a good credit score following your name!